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About Our Services

Window Cleaning

We offer excellent window cleaning service inside and out. All around your home we will clean your windows and window sills to make sure they are in tip top shape!
*Window cleanings are additional charge

Kitchen Cleaning

Our kitchen cleanings are very detailed. We clean inside and out of your microwave, as well as shine all your chrome. We go into so much detail we even mop floors on our hands and knees to make sure nothing is missed.
We clean counters, stove tops, refrigerators*, cabinets, sinks, ovens*, microwaves, baseboards, and more!
*extra charge for cleaning inside

Bathroom Cleaning

Just like kitchens, we clean the floors on our hands and knees to make sure that even the smallest detail is not missed.
Tough soap scum on showers, mirrors, or shower doors,  its not a problem. We can handle any tough soap scum! Also while we clean the bathrooms of your home, we make sure to wipe all cabinets, doors, clean all around the toilet, bathtubs, saunas, and so much more.